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Discover the next generation of swimming with biodesign beach sculpted pools, an environmentally friendly, safe, and clean solution.

Transform your outdoor living space with a Bio.design beach sculpted pool, the ultimate solution for anyone seeking a luxurious swimming experience, a healthier lifestyle, and long-term savings.

With it’s low maintenance costs, long-lasting durability, and sleek, modern design, this pool will bring sophistication and elegance to your backyard.

The benefits don’t stop there. Thanks to its innovative antimicrobial technology, the risk of infections and illnesses are greatly reduced, giving you peace of mind while you swim.


Pools can be finished in under 3 weeks or within 21 days (weather permitting). 

The Bio.design structural coating is composed of resins that have been specially formulated for use with quartz sand, resulting in a higher mechanical resistance compared to structural concrete. This unique combination of materials creates a superior structure when compared to traditional construction methods. Additionally, the permeability of the Biodesign coating allows for less stress and water pressure on the structure.

The Bio.design patent offers a technology with a low environmental impact and an extraordinary waterproofing system, as well as the structural performance of the patented Bio.design coating.

Our specifications demonstrate that the waterproofing liners used in Bio.design pools are superior to those used in traditional pools. They have an increased elasticity of 300%, making them highly resistant to UV rays, ice, and chemicals. Furthermore, the Bio.design structural coating has twice the mechanical resistance compared to structural concrete due to the combination of specially formulated resins and quartz sand components.



Complete Customization

The only limit to your design is your own imagination.

Enhanced Structural Integrity

Our design aims to eliminate the vulnerabilities of conventional pool structures by redistributing weight and utilizing superior materials.

Antimicrobial Technology

Bio.Design pools offer an innovative approach to swimming pools by incorporating antimicrobial technology, ensuring a clean and safe environment for swimmers.

Patent Protection

Our design and process are optimized for quality and provide greater opportunities for our installer partners.

Ecofriendly Technology

We believe that nature should be both admired and respected. That's why we ensure that our pools are designed and constructed with a deep respect for the environment, incorporating eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices into every aspect of our work.

Fast Installation Time

One of the many benefits of Biodesign Pools is the streamlined construction process, which enables efficient management of the construction site and significantly reduces installation time. Compared to traditional pools, this represents a major improvement in terms of both convenience and practicality.

Choose your surface

eco-friendly pool

By utilizing resources such as water, energy, and raw materials more efficiently, biodesign pools have a reduced environmental impact throughout their entire lifespan – from production to installation to everyday use.

These types of pools can even be designed to blend seamlessly into a natural setting without the use of concrete, which is a material that is not environmentally friendly due to the significant amount of energy and water required to produce it, as well as the pollution caused by quarrying for sand and other aggregates. 

Concrete is also a major contributor to carbon emissions, with some estimates suggesting that it is responsible for up to 5% of the world’s total amount of carbon emissions. In contrast, EPDM, a material used in biodesign pools, is chemically stable and completely inert, without containing polluting additives or heavy metals. It does not release harmful substances into the environment and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 

For The Consumer

  • Bio.design swimming pools come with Microban antimicrobial technology integrated into their surfaces.
  • Maintaining a biodesign pool is less costly than maintaining a typical swimming pool.
  • Bio.design pools are environmentally friendly and considered a green technology.
  • They are completely customizable without the need for premium upcharges.
  • Bio.design pools have a natural appearance with true beach entries.
  • Once construction is completed, there is less damage to the surrounding yard that needs repairing.
  • Bio.design pools provide a beautiful year-round outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment.

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