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Bringing Paradise to Your Backyard

Crafted to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment

while also minimizing its ecological footprint.

Why Oasis Water Creations?

At our core, we prioritize precision and professionalism in every build we undertake.

Through years of research and the construction of numerous public and private pools worldwide, we have developed a cutting-edge technology with minimal environmental impact and unparalleled waterproofing capabilities. 

Our patented Biodesign coating provides exceptional structural performance, resulting in superior waterproofing liners that offer 300% greater elasticity than those used in traditional pools. Our liners also exhibit exceptional resistance to UV rays, ice, and chemicals, leading to a longer lifespan.

Unleash Your Backyard Oasis

Oasis Water Creations offers exquisite pools that are tailored to your swimming requirements and the surrounding scenery. Our beach-inspired designs feature custom-made submerged seating areas, swimming zones, and beach entries that can be seamlessly extended onto your patio area. 





Bringing Paradise to Your Backyard

Experience the oasis Excitement

Harmonize your outdoor living oasis

As landscape design continues to evolve, so too have in-ground pools. Today, homeowners can enjoy a more natural environment that seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. Our biodesign pools not only enhance aesthetics but also promote environmental sustainability, are quicker to construct, and easier to maintain.

We cater to various clients, including homeowners, recreation providers, hotel-resort operators, and pool companies seeking to diversify their offerings. With Oasis Water Creations, you can expect a high-quality product and top-notch training and technical support.

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